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Our Vision.

Our mission is to be the quality leader in the railcar repair industry with a team of people committed to the highest standards of integrity and excellence with a passion for customer service.


Railco of Illinois is your premier all-in-one shop for repairing, maintaining and upgrading railcars. From inspections to wreck repairs, we've got you covered!


Our Solution.

Safety is no accident!  Our employees are committed to the highest standards of safety and understand the importance of a safe work environment.


Our workforce is trained for job specific functions, giving you piece of mind that your railcars are being serviced by certified professionals.

Our Services.

At Railco, we understand the value of  in shop and on site repairs and the importance of keeping railcars in service.


We are committed to providing quality  repairs in a quick and efficient manner while meeting industry standards and customer specific requirements.


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